A Portrait of Jamaican Surfing | SURFING Magazine‏

A Portrait of Jamaican Surfing | SURFING Magazine

The thing about islands is that they can be isolating. Islands are removed. Forgotten, sometimes. The other thing about islands is that they’re surrounded by water, and if you’re lucky, some really good surf. Jamaica is one such island and photographer Jon Steele, who has visited Jamaica quite a few times now, refuses to let this place be forgotten. Movements and music and culture of epic proportions have come from this island, and always through the vessels that are this nation’s fantastic people.

The Wilmot family of Bull Bay, Jamaica are such a people and in a recent conversation, the island’s first pro surfer, Icah Wimot, gave us a glimpse of what life as a surfer there is like. The following portraits…read more here…http://www.surfingmagazine.com/a-portrait-of-jamaican-surfing/

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